Fat Kid At Camp turns 1!

Im this many e1273788717996 Fat Kid At Camp turns 1!


Thanks for all your support.  This has been a fun, exhausting endeavor and I look forward to making it even better soon.  Keep those submissions coming, friend the Fat Kid on Facebook, and keep laughing!

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Happy New Year!

invisiblecham128419608740865000 Happy New Year!

Tis the end of a decade.  How was it for you?  For what it’s worth, I will be drunk until Monday.  So here’s hoping you have a safe and happy New Year.  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do on a wooden bicycle.

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Merry Christmas!

funny santa Merry Christmas!

I actually wish everyone a happy holiday, whatever you celebrate, but I personally celebrate Christmas*, hence the title.  To get an additional chuckle out of today, here’s the literal version of “Last Christmas” by WHAM!

Happy Whatever-You-Celebrate!!

*By Christmas, I mean the opportunity to hang with the people important to you and get free stuff.  I’ll save a day to hang out with Jesus that’s closer to when he was actually bornicon smile Merry Christmas!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I give thanks for having a good sense of humor.  The ladies love it, and let’s be honest…you don’t come to the site for my Clooney-esque looks.  Fist bump your family for me, or something equally as douchey.  I’ll have a hearty giggle thinking of you doing so.  Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving!

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Goddammit. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

santa invasion Goddammit. Its not even Thanksgiving yet.

WHY does society insist on making Christmas start earlier every year?  It’s bad enough that radio stations start play Christmas music right after Thanksgiving, but now it’s starting to creep into the beginning of November.

Perhaps I’m being irrational, because the above thing from the Chicago Tribune is actually pretty cool.  If I had a kid that was super excited about Christmas, this would be something to help feed the illusion.  I get that.  But now?  UGH.

shoot me Goddammit. Its not even Thanksgiving yet.

Sorry for the rant (though, the fact that this bothered me enough to post about it makes me laugh a little).  Just seen about 40 things like this in the past few days.  Between that and peoples’ Facebook statuses proclaiming that they’ve already gotten their shopping done, I’m about to switch religions-that-I’m-pretending-to-be-associated-with-so-I-can-get-gifts.  Meh.

ilovesatan Goddammit. Its not even Thanksgiving yet.

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