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Vacation funny cartoon image Vaaaaaaaaacation

Thanks to everyone who visits…I think I say that every time I actually type something into this site, but I really am thankful.  Whether you got here because we’re friends, or because for some reason you Googled something like “Star Wars Butt Plug” and this site popped up, you’re all badasses in my book.  Have a great week, and we’ll start another camp fire before you know it.  Don’t forget the marshmallows.



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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope your Thanksgiving is a good as this picture is creepy.

Happy Family Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving!

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Fat Kid At Camp turns 1!

Im this many e1273788717996 Fat Kid At Camp turns 1!


Thanks for all your support.  This has been a fun, exhausting endeavor and I look forward to making it even better soon.  Keep those submissions coming, friend the Fat Kid on Facebook, and keep laughing!

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Happy Father’s Day

fathers day Happy Fathers Day

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Sell out much, Delta?

I understand that it takes some advertising to get things paid for.  But when you can’t even tell what a product is because the ad it so big, consider me annoyed as shit.  Welcome to the pretzel bag I got while on a Delta flight this weekend:

photo Sell out much, Delta?

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geek vacation VACATION!

Sorry to put your daily routine in a bind (you do come here every day, right?!), but I’m gone for a few days on a much-needed vacation.  Keep the camp fire warm while I’m away.  I’ll be back soon.  :)

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Monday Funny

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Tuesday Funny

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Wednesday Funny

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